A note from The owner of GLAM!

I hope everyone had a good holiday!

As some of you know, I am the owner of GLAM! skins makeup. I have been in biz since Feb 2010 with a nicely growing business and nearing a year in biz, yay! 😛

With the New year coming, I just rebuilt my sim, gave it a makeover, and then I get the news and I am sad to say, a good friend of mine that owns OOMPH! poses is closing her doors forever. RL has called her to shut down, and she is my other main store on the sim.

Sooooo with this happening, I thought first to look for someone that wanted a main store here, I figured I’ve got decent good traffic, good search rankings, involved in weekly sales, and all that jazz, BUT then it occured to me, why not do something that can benefit everyone?

Now this is where you designers come in……I am going to be turning the old OOMPH! poses in to a store called Designers Showcase. Now what I will do is allow each designer that is approved after applying to place 1 item in the store on a prim vendor. The item must be 100L or less, since this will be the theme of this store! You can be a creator of anything finished such as, clothes, shoes, skins, nails, hair, furniture, builds, anything! The idea is to unite good, talented designers all in one place for people to come see what you have to showcase at a sale price 🙂 I know some of you do not have the time for weekly sales etc, but you can have time for this.

The sim will have the store Designers Showcase in the search terms with description and also added in the sim title as well.

Designers, the item must be your own creations since this is how this store will be advertised, no resellers, no BIAB, yours and yours only. I need applications so that I can go around checking main stores to see that you have one so that people who buy your items will have a LM to your store for more goods! So if you are approved be sure to put something in the Designers Showcase that you know buyers will love and want to buy!

Finally, the cost to each designer is 25L a month, that is a cheap way to advertise and have your stuff seen on a different sim and make sales at the same time. This cost is to help cover the sim cost, the classified ad, which depending on how many designers we get is how much the ad will run for, the subscribe-o-matic updates on new items every month, as the store will have it’s own subscribe-o-matic (it may even cost later depending no how large the group gets) and any and all other forms of advertising.

Once a month I need all of you to change your items so that people keep wanting to come to see more new goods you all have! This will occur on the 1st-2nd of every month.

If interested please fill out this NC for the application. I think this will be a very exciting thing for many designers trying to get as much exposure as possible and make some sales at the same time!

To Apply simply copy and paste this into a NC with your answers. and send it to annette cyberstar.

Welcome to Designers Showcase. This is your first step in the approval process. Please fill out all info and read the bottom for requirements to showcase your item in the store. Return this notecard to Annette Cyberstar. I will get back to you in the order of which the notecard was received 🙂



What do you sell?:



how long have you been in business?:

are your creations totally your own?:

Are you willing to place a new item every month the 1st-2nd?(this is a requirement):

All items must be 100L or less. This will be the running theme of this store. It is a great way to have your items sell easily and get more exposure as to what you create. You may only place 1 item (1 prim) in the store so that all the designers that want space have room. You may not place a lm giver in place of an item, this is not the idea of this store. You may, however, put the name of your store in the 1 prim ad vendor! I encourage everyone to place an item that you know will sell well and after buying the buyer will have access to your mainstore LM of course 😛

I look forward to this awesome venture 🙂

Annette Cyberstar

p.s. If you are a builder and would like to do a build for the store, please just drop me a pic of the build or im me if you prefer, and I am more than happy to put a sign stake in front of the store as to who the builder is 😛 Another great way to showcase your skills!

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