Fly away my goth Girl

Dun, Dun, Dun!! Gothic time.*giggles*My recent posts show that I am a girly girl…Fashionista at it’s finest. I however, like a lot of people Like to do a 180have fun, be off the wall, quirky, cute..whatever the mood strikes. Today….Goth! When I started taking pictures for this post, I knew one thing ….I wanted wings… I wanted different, new..stylish wings. Meka Helped me out there. Her chained spider hood set was JUST what the Fashion Doctor ordered. Complete set including The head spider, Chest spider and the Wings simply Perfection here. Next I thought, Ok spiders…goth…Naturely I wanted one of the goth makeup tattoos from Glam!, and goth look 3 game to my rescue! I can’t have a picture with just black! Most of the time you think goth, you think…black and red, black and purple or just plain black. I wanted to be different. So as I was looking through my inventory thinking blue…blue hmm what is blue… I found the Cute Jewelled cashmere sweater from fishy strawberry and though..Eh, why not? No look is complete without a good hair and pair of jeans. MAGIKKAA!!! I NEED YOU! The cute, Sassy Freebie she has to give everyone a sample of her new hair colors and hud driven color system…Delora. YAY! when I saw how the look was coming together I had the PERFECT pars of jeans in mind Miamai’s Stressed black. And the look is complete! All great designers which add to a great look. What more could we ask for?

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Now Wearing:

Hair: Magika: Delora-Color Pack (Free gift in store)
Skin: Atomicbambi: Romaana Sunblush DK Winter Cleavage
Eyes: EBA- Earth Eye
Makeup: Glam Skin Makeup Tattoos – Goth look 3
Top: Fishy Strawberry- Jewelled cashmere sweater (Free Gift in store)
Pants: Miamai – Black Stressed
Wings &Spiders: Meka – Chained Spider Hood Set
Shoes: LP – Swift Sneakers
Poses: MV- Sisters static pose (Was given it as a gift) & Glitterati – BCA 10 (Free in store)


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