Couture at its finest

It has been a bit since I have made a blog post. A lot happened RL to make me not feel my best and make my head foggy. I can’t think to write when I am in a foggy state of mind. Feeling better today tho and ready to get back to work! Todays Look is that of couture. Some of you might have heard of Eshi before, some may not have. She is the TOP designer of couture in SL and when you see her creations it is no wonder she is the best of the best. I LOVE this outfit which can be found at her mainstore, only thing that could be better bout it is if it was a mermaid skirt. The cute shoes are from designers showcase on glam! island you can also find the jacket there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now Wearing:

Jacket: Eshi Otawara – Black Fur Bolero (special)*
Outfit: Eshi Otawara – Imperial Lotus – Shamrock
Shoes: Hurren- Gwen Flats [green]*

*SLURL’s Located to the left of this post*
Items marked with a * can be found at Designers Showcase on GLAM! Island


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