Spring is almost amongst us.

As the ice begins to break and the flowers begin to bloom, spring comes towards us. It is still cold tho. In the crisp spring air while watching those cute little birdies, we still need some warmth. **[Riddle]** and -Hanaya- are here to help us with just that. This cute bird feeder comes in two options one with snow on the base, one without, It also comes with and without the Birds attached. I couldn’t pass these up. The dress comes with all layer options and 3 different colors of tights. I am also wearing the mushroom necklace from Gypsys and the Silver Laugh necklace by .:JOJO:. So cute and both offset the Dress beautifully. Must have these.

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Now Wearing:
Necklace: JOJO:. – Silver Laugh Necklace
Necklace: Gypsys – Silver Shroom Necklace
Outfit: **[Riddle]** – Designers Showcase #1 Basic Sweater dress
Bird feeder: -Hanaya- -Wintertime bird feeder

All Items can be found at Designers Showcase SLURL Located to the left.


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