RP rises again

Once upon a time I started modeling at Delirium Style. About a month ago, I had to quit due to time constraints with other commitments. Recently I returned to my modeling position at Delirium, Upon doing so I also discovered that some of the family stores were going to employ models as well. One of them being sil`ly. Loveing Sil`ly as I do, I am not much of an RPer but, I do love the avis and such. I applied to be a model there as well. Todaas she y the awesomeness that is Jordy IMed me telling me I was typoed hored. My reply was YAY I AM HORED! knowing she meant it as hired. I love Jordy HEHE. I got the group tag from her and went in group to collect the items I would be modeling. I opened the first Avi and IMMEDIATELY fell in love. I have always like Sil`ly’s creations but this one i felt was OUT OF THIS WORLD quit literally in fact too. I LOVE it!

Now Wearing:

Avatar: Sil`ly & Rune Magic – Forced Avatar – Female


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