Hoodie Heaven

I don’t know about where you all are, but here it is COOOOLLLDDD, mother nature is definitely telling us that it is fall. Having that in mind I was DELIGHTED when I popped into the buttercups store looking for something to put with the HOT new block jeans Kaydee just finished and saw her mesh hoodies. I instantly fell in LOVE. These things just look like the softest warmest hoodies in SL and the texturing is of course AWESOME. If you are a hoodie addict in RL like me, or just like to wear hoodies these are a MUST have for any inventory. While there why not grab the jeans too? the hip hugger style is sure to have your significant other going gaga over the view of your derrier, the design is pretty cute too. šŸ˜€

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Top:Buttercups – Stripe Mesh Hoodie (Available in 6 colors, each includes blonde, chocolate and black bands for the hood)

Pants:Buttercups -Block Jeans (Available in 6 colors)


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