Simply Sexy with S1nners

Sooooo many new find this week and sooooo much to go over! I’m in LOVE Like, I already have 3 posts ahead planned for you all! I am so excited!!! Yet, frustrated. I need a good hair store I LOVE truth, Maitreya and Magika…but I want to get the small not as well known people too! I want something new and sassy! If you have a favorite hair store please leave a comment and let me know below! As far as today’s post. I am EXCITED! We have a NEW skin maker, NEW clothing designer (along with an old favorite) and a new (to this blog anyway) hair maker, some awesome looks. The new skin is S1Nners….I fell upon this place because the skin creator at the store models at DS with me! WOOT WOOT how cool is that ???? She is REALLY good and have some awesome vision for new skins PLUS she is AMAZING with fantasy skins….so keep an eye on I Love SL Fantasy Fashion for those! Next is the new store NCparis…OMG this chick is amazing, today is just a sneak peak BUT we will be adding her to our regular blog postings so look out for her intro post later! Hair. We all love hair and as I said before, I am looking for some new hair places so let me know. but for now We’ve got lamb…so cute! mesh hair with a touch of playfulness and a lot of class! Enough of me talking…check out these AMAZING creations below!

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Now Wearing

Sammy (Guest Model- Right)

Skin- S1nners: Mia Blush* CLevage*
Hair- – kate – passionate- red
shoes-  URbAn GiRl-Regina Ballets
eyes- Az… Promo Realistic Honey
Shape- ::H.F:: JorDen Shape
Top-  NCparis Scarf Top MESH NCparis Design Turquoise  Design
Bottoms- Sea Hole-Pika Denim Shorts 2 Pack – Applique

Kasi (Blogger-Left)

Skin: S1Nners – Bekah
Hair: Truth- Cassandra (crow)
Eyes: Mayfly -Liquid Light Eyes (northern dawn)
Outfit: DS – Donna (includes top, necklace, pants and shoes)

Thank you to sammy for being a guest model 😀

*SLURL’s located to the left



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