Grunge Garage

Sexehs!!! So, Glitterati is having  (or well was) having their 100L sale. I went a little crazy….HEHEHEH. We’ve got newness from an old favorite and an oldie but goodie, plus some laid back style. Today we have the TDR exclusive from essences with the Indy skin. So pretty. Some punk rocker with the full body feel the music tat (Gotta have meh music!) and a Punch of color with the grafit-i top also from Oddity and the Jasmina mesh pants from delirium style in yellow (Lets not forget the kickass chuckers to go with those pants too! This look is total hawtness, its a laid back yet kickass style with a hint of sophistication with hari from elekatira! Check piccys beloww!!!!

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Hair: Elekatira – Later (Brown 6)
Skin: Essences – Indy Gentle for TDR
Shape: Anna Shapes – Ninah
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Midnight Hazel, W4)
Tattoo: Oddity- Feel the Music Full Body Tattoo
Top: Oddity – Grafit-i Girl Mesh
Pants: Delirium Style – Jasmina Joggers Sun
Shoes: Delirium Style- Jasmina Joggers II Summer Chuckers (From the Jasmina II outfit)

Poses: Glitterati – Garage


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