A picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a picture in a picture? I’m not sure but I know that this picture is SEXEHHHH. I can’t rave ENOUGH about the AMAZING designs in this photos. Lets start off with the hair and skin. Exile and Essences bring us the sexiness that adds that sultry look to this avi. Then add the shape from anna Shapes that she made EXCLUSIVELY for designers circle and omg…it’s drop dead AMAZING.Ikon ads that touch of elegance with these gold eyes that were a group gift. *to die for!!!* Next, the outfit and accessories. Delirium style brings us this sexy yet sophisticated look that is sure to make everyone look twice. who doesn’t want to be a bunny? well I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to RP once in a while…hello all of sl is rping! Jojo helps us out there. Of course we always need to look oh so smart and LW gives us that option with these amazing glasses. Last but not least, as always Glitterati helps us pose it up and bring it all together!

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Now Modeling:
Skin :Essences Virgo
Shape: Anna Shapes for designer circle, elisa, exclusive
Eyes: IKON -Sunrise Eyes (Bleached Gold
Hair: Exile: Sea Of Love (Sin)
Outfit: Delirium Style – Diana (Includes all clothing)
Accessories: JOJO-Suicidal Bunny (Includes ears, necklace, tongue and tail)
LW – Semiframeless Glasses (Ruby Mesh)
Poses: Glitterati – In the Picture (Prop)



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