Waiting on the wifey

As I sit here waiting For the wifey in my new favorite jammies I can’t help but think I SO NEED TO BLOG THIS! I mean Come on! these jammies are SOOO CUTTEEEE and I couldn’t decide on WHAT to blog so here it is. The jammies are by EBA called jammies dots, and sell for about 175L I think. The shape is from anna shapes and it is calle brooke SOO CUTTEEE it is at designer circle and is 80L Love her shapes BTW. As for the hair..I have to admit “My name is Kasi and I am a hair addict” giggles. This number is from Dela, a FABULOUS hair store my aunteh introduced me to about 2 mos ago or so. I love their Blonde it’s AMAZING. I’m always on the lookout for new skin, and I have had this in my inventory for a month or two and haven’t looked at it. So I decided to pull it out yesterday and fell in LOOVEEE. Dulce Secrets has a certain style that appeals to me :D. For a splash of color somewhere I turned to mayfly and this pretty green color in the form of rising spring. They give that TINY pop of color I oh so desired. Oh course as you can see I am a bunny again. I CAN’T HELP IT!!! I looove this. I’ve had it for so long but forgot about it till recently. And yes, it is available still in world at JOJO. Right on to the picturess!!!!

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Hair: Dela – Eloise (Blonde 1)
Skin: Dulce Secrets – Ailchia Champagne Bikini (Smokey)
Shape: Anna Shapes – Brook (For 36th designer circle)
Eyes: Mayfly – Rising Spring (W4)
Accessories: Jojo– Cuppycake Suicidal Bunneh
Outfit: EBA– Jammies Dots
Shoes: Fluffie’s Designs -Kitty Slippers (On marketplace)
Room/pose: Bazar-Roya bed (in the roya house)


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