Garden Beauties

Usually I blog about a whole look, hair, skin, the complete package and I LOVE doing that. Today however I found this outfit that my wifey and I just fell in LOVE with. And it looks amazing onus both. its from a store I have known about for a while but haven’t done much shopping at. My wifey and I went there and well..we both spent more than we should have AHAHAHAHAH. This outfit is called gaia and it is from Severed Garden. I personally bought the fat pack I COUDLN’T DECIDE!!! I love all the colors. In the pictures below I am wearing the orange color and my wifey is wearing the violet one. She hasn’t taken hers off since these piccys were taken and I had to unfortunately change but keep going back to it. It is soo cuuuuutteee. It comes with the pants, dress, boots, necklace and Hair flowers! I am in LOOOVVEEEEEEE!

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Now Modeling:
On me:
Severed Garden – Gaia in orange

On my wifey Jordyn:
Severed Garden – Gaia in Violet


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