Half Naked Hottie

Wow has it been a month and a half since my last post already? Sheesh I’m Behind. I had my sissy do some AMAZING pics for my blog but..I didn’t get my stylecard done right away and forgot what I was wearing so I can’t use them. :\ I will post them on my OTHER blog what happens in SL though and have her do some new ones for me :D. Todays Post is about sexiness, loving your body and being yourself. To help us with that we have Essences, EBA, D-style, Latreia, Magika and Mayfly…Of course our sexyass shape comes from Anna shapes ( Lovee her shapes, wish they were a little shorter though! Right, On to the sexiness. .Check below and let your eyes wander over the sexy candy you are about to see.

Half Naked Hottie4 Half Naked Hottie3 Half Naked Hottie2 Half Naked Hottie

Hair: Magika Awkward
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes – Deep Emerald
Shape: Anna Shapes – Tabata Small (For 42nd Designer Circle)
Skin: Essences- Maria Skin Porcelain
Lingerie: (underwear and bra ) EBA Jordyn Set Green
Pants: D-Style-Idun Jeans
Shoes: Latreia- Krysta Grey

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