I <3 Leather

This post has been in the making for the last few days. I wanted the look and the pictures to be JUUUSSTTTT right. I wanted rocker girl with a little bit of a hint at love, I mean….February IS tomorrow. Thankfully I was able to find just the right combination of things. Sassy helped me out a lot with her amazing leather jacket and pants and Latreia finished with the My Valentine scene shoes that have actual cupids arrows and hearts. So amazing, I love the scene shoes because they are a little bit of funky and fun that goes with almost any outfit. I don’t have much to say about this outfit today because well. I think it can pretty much speak for itself; not many people can get leather just right it usually ends up looking like plastic and let’s be honest pleather isn’t usually what most people are after!

Check it out!

My Valentine Dreams of leather_001 My Valentine Dreams of leather2 My Valentine Dreams of leather3 My Valentine Dreams of leather4

Now Modeling:

Hair: Elikitara-Past (Red 8)
Skin: Belleza-2012 xmas group gift (pale)
Top: Sassy- London Jacket with shearling(Red)
Pants: Sassy-Tribeca Leather Pants (Black)
Shoes: Latreia-My Valentine Stiletto


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