D-style and Latreia Whore Couture

This post has taken me SOOOOOO long to complete. Seriously. I had taken these photos last friday and have spent all weekend trying to get them just right! Finally done. YAY!!! (My computer issues didn’t help get them that way though).

Today’s post is special in the fact that it is almost completely about Latreia and D-style’s (Delirium Style) Whore Couture exclusives. First we have Monja with the Kama heels. Monja comes in 4 different colors and included the ball gag:D This ridiculously sexy mini dress let’s the mind wander and tantalizingly teases anyone who see’s you in it from it’s plunging neckline to it’s barely there back. Must have for your club hopping wardrobe! Roxy Kama from latreia, these shoes are SMOKIN! with kama sutra poses right on your feet, you’ll never wonder which position is next!

2nd D-styles released to us a sporty little number in heartbreaker, cute crop jacket and sexy lil skirt are the best used to break his heart..of course the Janie Shoes from Latreia complete with gun heel and Bullet strap are sure to send him mixed messages;).

Finally we go back to our yesteryear with slim shady. This number is comfy and sexy in one. Sweatpants that every girls loves with the tiny crop top that every man loves to see, this just might be the best of both worlds!

Check em out with their styling complements below!

Whore Couture Final Whore Corture colors heartbreaker final Slim Shady

Outfit 1
Hair: Red mint-Hair no 10 (Cool white cold & black pearls)
Skin: Belleza Amy Pale BBB1
Shape: Anna Shapes: Ayla
Dress: D-Style Monja in pink, yellow, teal and Purple (Includes Ball gag and hair bow) (WCF)
Shoes: Latreia-Roxy Kama (WCF)
Poses: Glitterati -Bitch Static poses

Outfit 2
Hair: Red mint-Hair no 10 ( Brocade Red& black pearls)
Skin: Belleza Amy Pale BBB 2
Outfit: D-Style- Heartbreaker (WCF)
Shoes: Latreia-Janie Black (WCF)
Poses: Glitterati – Model Pack 14

Outfit 3
Hair: Red mint-Hair no 10 ( Light Ash Brown& White pearls)
Outfit: D-Style- Slim Shady (WCF)
Poses: Glitterati – Model Pack 27


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