Minty Fresh

I’ve been working on this post for a while. I have to say, I find blogging relaxing and stressful, fun and EXCITING all at once and I LOVE bringing you new fashions. Over the last week or two I have discovered a few new stores and am HAPPY to bring them to you! First let’s start with some oldies but Goodies. Red mint has released a new mesh hair and Let me say..Sometimes I am a little iffy bout her hairs…Great designs just not always my style. This was one a major HIT though. Dolce Secrets also released a skin that I fell in love with so you will Definitely get a sneak peak here. Love How Dolce’s Malibu is slightly tanned, but not orange and dark like some skins tend to be. and Of course Mayfly gave us amazing eyes to math latreia’s Innovative and creative shoes! Now.. The NEWNESS I bring you is from Anymore Grace….this mesh dress is soo cute! Also new is Celtic Myst, I found a necklace in my inventory I forgot I had and went OMG! Before I show you the pics that I do want to note that once again My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE shape store gave us an amazing release in johanna and of course CCD has amazing nails (See below)

Right Pictures….I talk to much HEHEMint Secrets final 3 Mint Secrets Final 2 Mint Secrets final 1

Now Modeling:

Hair: Red Mint<(Mesh)-No. 12( Neutrals, off black)
Anna Shapes-Johanna Small
Skin: Dolce Secrets– Bryn (Malibu in peacock)
Makeup: Al Vulo! Mesh Lashes (from the Livia Pack)
Eyes: Mayfly-Deep Sky Eyes(Persian Blue, W4)
Outfit: Anymore Grace-Bow dress (Turquoise)
Accessories: Celtic Myst-Pentagram Jewelry set(Antique Blue Group gift); CCD Nails-Diva (Black)
Shoes: Latreia-Caliope (Teal Spike)
Pose: Exposeur-Sex Kitten (Exclusive)

**Almost no photo editing if any used on these pictures (I prefer to show the clothes raw as you actually see them in secondlife)

P.S I wanted to show this picture because I LOVE it, but I didn’t want it to be part of the blog post because it is HIGHLY edited and I prefer to show things mainly in the raw But…I don’t remember how I did it D: Oh well, Take a look!

Kasi Blue


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