Blondes Have More Fun

This post took me a while and has a backstory…A big one. Oh so I stress shopped like 2 weeks ago as you all know; The problem is my stress shopping rarely includes shoe shopping. I buy clothes, skin, hair, eyes…but rarely shoes. So I looked in my inventory yesterday knowing full well I had a TON I needed to blog about and was EXCITED I put the look together and fell in LOVE Problem….No shoes…I looked all over the Marketplace and at the shoe stores I usually go to, even asked in a few groups and had ZERO luck. I THEN decided it was time to get the slink Feet. I know Siddean makes amazing feet and some skin makers are even making skin huds for them so they match PERFECTLY. Sadly al vulo does not do that YET (I’ve heard from a birdie that they MIGHT be coming out soon….no guarantees though..But I am crossing my fingers). I bought the feet (heels and flats) and 2 pairs of shoes, one for each that I thought might work with my outfit and then spent TWO HOURS trying to match my feet >.< Yea….I suck at feet matching…I know. I never can match rgb very well. Finally at like I think 9 or 9:30 SLT I IM’d siddean in a plea for help and guess what..SHE HELPED ME! sHE CAME AND MATCHED MY FEET FOR ME FOR FREE! I got the most amazing customer service from her she is such a sweetheart, I can’t say enough about her or her slink system. Then if that wasnt enough, Once she matched my feet she saw the outfit I was wearing and gave me the PERFECT red heels for this post(Which I BELIEVE were released today BTW go look!). Amazing. Sadly when I went to take the pictures, My windlight and my acting up desktop decided to develop lines at the ankles which I wasn’t fully able to blend in, in SL though, the feet look PERFECT! 😀 Right..I should talk about other things before the pictures HAHA. This look for me was SUPER elegant and amazing..I still haven’t taken it off HAH. Personally I had only had one pair of pants from the sea hole and NOTHING from Tee*fy before now and these were both at the last round of Collabor88 So they SHOULD be in the mainstores now and are amazing Le sigh. Right Piccies!!
blondes have more fun final 2

blondes have more fun final 1

Now Modeling:

Hair: Ploom-Shira (Blondes)
Shape: Anna Shapes-Johanna Small
Skin: Al Vulo!-Eleanor (Red Sunkissed)
Eyes:Mayfly-Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Summer Shore, W4)
Accessories: CCD Mesh nails-French Pastels
Outfit: The Sea Hole-New Romance Wrap Blouse ; Tee*fy-Fluffy Skirt Floral
Shoes: Slink>/a>-Womens Medium Barefeet Rigged ; Slink– Classic Pointed Pumps (Red)
Pose: Katink– Demi ; Katink-Lana Pose Packs

**Almost no photo editing if any used on these pictures (I prefer to show the clothes raw as you actually see them in secondlife)


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