Grunge Night

As of when I took these pictures these were the 2 newest releases at Delirium style…But the magnificent Chrissy has given us another release! :O oh well more on that one later ,For now let’s look at these sexy women! The hair we have on is from ploom, Now I have heard of ploom a million times but for the life of me could never remember the name of it when I wanted it so I have been wanting to blog about it for eons and wasnt able to :(. Today that is all changed! She had the perfect hair do’s for this punk/grunge look my sissy Meli (Gues model YAY!) were looking for. Also we Decided to sport the lovely 7 deadly skins and Mayfly to complete our Down in the hood Haters Look. It was PERFECTO. IDK what else to say, I am REALLY happy with how these looks came out is all I can say. Check it!

Grung Night1 Grung Night2 Grung Night3

Now Modeling:

Meli (Right):

Hair: Ploom-Twilla
Shape: Personal Shape
Skin: 7 Deadly S[k]ins-April Hot Deal
Eyes: Mayfly-Majorelle Blue Liquid Light Mesh
Outfit: Delirium style– Cryssie Carver (includes boots, belt, bracelet & bow)


Hair: Ploom-Valyra-Monotone (Steaked, Blacks pack)
Shape: Anna Shapes-Johanna Small
Skin: 7 Deadly S[k]ins-March Moolto sisters hunt gift (you can get it from the lucky apples in the store now like I did)
Eyes:Mayfly-Liquid Light Eyes (Passion)
Outfit: Delirium style-Mortale (Includes black eyeliner, boots, shirt, pants and jewelry)
Pose: Katink-3 Times a Lady

**Almost no photo editing if any used on these pictures (I prefer to show the clothes raw as you actually see them in secondlife)


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