Vanity With A Meme

Vanity Meme

Few days ago Strawberry Singh Posted A Meme on her blog called My 10 SL Firsts Meme So I decided to Follow Suit! Right, here we go!

Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following 10 questions and answers into your post. Delete my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to link your post in this meme’s comments so everyone can read yours!

  1. First SL Friend: Victoriia, We still talk and yap away all the time. We talk in Real life and share everything pretty much with each other. This is an amazing chick and I wouldn’t have made it this far without her Support and Guidance!
  2. First SL Kiss: Erm Probably Andre…..A story for another time!
  3. First SLex time/place/partner: TBH I don’t even remember (that must mean I am an sl virgin *cough* maybe 😉
  4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: My First Boyfriend In SL was Andre, I met him in a Club that was doing an event for Victoriia’s Store. My first Husband (the thing only lasted a week cause he freaked out) Was steve and I still have our two amazing twins. My First Wife Was Jordy, I still Love her to death ❤ But sadly she quit Logging on :\
  5. First SL Job: Host at Passionate Sins, My sister Anisa used to own the club…Sadly she is no longer my sister….
  6. First SL Creation: HAHA To be COMPLETELY Honest. I do not know. It might have been a skirt or a Tattoo, I think it Might have been a Tshirt, I would have to ask Victoriia
  7. First Encounter with a Linden: I don’t remember which Linden it was but She I’med me wanting to feature my hunt I organized a few years ago 😀
  8. First Encounter with a SLebrity: Hmmm There was one, she makes couture clothing, Not really my style but I can’t remember her name. I would have to look it up.
  9. First SL Sim you fell in love with: The First sim I fell In love with is long gone…Again I can’t remember the name (sad I know) I remember it had a castle and a rainbow you could walk on…It was set up to be rented for weddings.
  10. First SL Blog Post: HEHE Ouch This is Embarrassing… was Well I was going to link it, But It appears that WordPress has deleted it! :O Darn you! Oh well I will show you this one, It is one of my earlier one’s and just as embarrassing…..

Before I go, I wanna say a Few words on the picture Above. The Skin is from 7 deadly Skins and will be released TOMORROW for A discounted PRESALE between 6 and 7 AM SLT and Noon-1 Pm SLT. So make sure you get over there and grab it! Also, The shape is Heloisa By Anna Shapes Available at Designer Circle for a discount but it won’t be there forever! the Corset is part of a Cottontail Lingerie Outfit By EBA. I love this girl’s Lingerie It is amazing 😀 OH and the mask…It comes with the hair 😉 Have fun shopping and Don’t forget to grab some eyes from mayfly while you are out!

Now Modeling:

Hair:Ploom-Sha (Indecisive pack)
Shape: Anna Shapes-Heloisa @Designer Circle
Skin: 7 Deadly S[k]ins– Vanity (PRE RELEASE SALE TOMORROW!)
Eyes: Mayfly-Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Forest Green Shadow, W4)
Outfit: Lingerie Lime
Accessories: Loordes Of London-Heartache Earrings (Aubergine-Available (Gacha Fesitval@ The Collosseum)
Pose: Glitterati-Pinup Pack
Lighting: Fiat Lux-Blue Double Projector Found here



One response to “Vanity With A Meme

  1. Yes of course, if you can’t remember than that means you’re a virgin for sure! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL Thanks for participating ❤

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