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Dead Sexy

It’s been a while but I wanted to reintroduce you to 7 Deadly Skins tonight. Izara has some amazing skins out for you and some sexy shapes too. I am wearing one of each below :D. D-styles newest release is also rocking the house and looking fine..This skimpy little skirt is sure to drive any man wild..It leaves just enough to the imagination Rawrs.

Oh and before I forget, I am trying to expand my horizons and use some new pose stores and this one caught my eye from adorkable. Check it out…cute poses always available 😀

Dead Sexy

Hair:Truth-Tyler-Black &Whites
Shape: 7DS-Lust Shape
Skin: 7DS-Envy B1 T2 DEF
Eyes: Ikon-Vanity Eyes(Ice)
Avatar Enhancements: Slink-Mesh Hands and Feet
Outfit: D-style: Misty (with top 10 Add on)
Shoes: Slink-Indra Mesh Heels
Pose: Adorkable:-Sunny Pose pack
Location: The Fallen-City of charm

**Almost no photo editing if any used on these pictures (I prefer to show the clothes raw as you actually see them in secondlife)


Mesmerizing Mistress

Last night while feeling in the mood to blog..but not knowing what to blog about..I decided to pull out my inner Mistress or Domme. This is the Sexyass look at what I came up with 😉

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Hair: Magika Hair – Delora (Freebie)

Skin: Pulse Skin Isabella 2/M19 enhanced

Eyes : Sil`ly Fantasy Skin Shay Eyes (comes as an avatar)

Makeup: Glam! Skin Makeup Tattos Winter Look 8

Dress: Oddity – Mistress

Bangles, stockings, Gloves and Necklace: Delirium Style – The Obsession outfit

Delirium Style Greatness

Wow, what can I say about Delirium? Well, the store is awesome no doubt about that the designer Christel is a GENIUS. Delirium is a Urban,Punk,Grunge,sexy,Casual,Baggie, Hoody,Ripped,Jeans,Sneakers,Tank,Skirt, Minis,Tees,Male,Female,Mall,Jewels,Tattoo,
Piercing,NekoBoots,Belts,Cargos,Cute,Emo,Fantasy,Goth,Rave,Rocker,Hotpants store. Or at least thats what the description is. To me Delirium is so much more. The clothes are awesome, the people are great and Chrissy always has something new and different for us. I model at Delirium, I love to model there ,the clothes are worth it. My favorite outfit at the moment (dont get me wrong I love them all) is Kick it! (Pictured Below) This is not the actual vendor picture, this is me, myself and I in the outfit after working a shift at Delirium. If you have not been to this store you HAVE to check it out. The outfit includes, pants and hoodie as well as the shoes and and belt.

Glam! is all ready for winter!

This week at GLAM! skins Makeup Tattoos I have some super sultry winter looks for all of you!

These winter looks with just out of the cold rosey cheeks, deep & dark sexy creases in the eyes, and winter tone looks are really to die for!

Not your typical soft look girls! Winter is about deep tones and sultry looks!
The winter looks come in 8 different tattoos and are full face tattoos.
Fatpack is also available if you love them all 😛

Below is a sample of what you will find when you come into the store. Remember, These are makeup TATTOOS so they go right over your existing skin..No need to go out and buy tons of expensive skin just to change the makeup when you can Use these beautys. 

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Have a great week, and do not forget GLAM! is in the Island of Misfit toys hunt, so see the poster in the front of the store for the hint to the hunt item 🙂

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