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Back To School

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while…..Again but I do have to say that this time it was a really good reason. Two days after my last post, I was in a head on collision that totaled my truck. But don’t worry, I am back, I’m ok besides some pain I’m here in SL and working on amazing projects as well as have some new goodies for you today from collabor88!

This post actually started off two weeks ago with the back drop being the new school building for a place I worked at, Sadly since then we have had to split because of irreconcilable differences, and my cheer squad and I have decided to go on our own and make a new school, Star Phoenix academy of media and arts! The new school serves as the backdrop for today’s post! But shhhhh the new site hasn’t been revealed to most students yet!!

I finally got back into this and had a little fun on the playground with my new ruffle dress from ison and some cute Heels from boom which at first I didnt even realize they were for Slink feet, I put em on and had no feet! Then it hit me and I thought “wait a minute….” Put my slink feet on, and it worked beautifully! (There was a NC in the box, but blonde ol me didn’t look >.<) Anyway these are amazing, I love the color, texture , everything they lend that punch of Wow to my new pretty petal dress!

Check out all the goodies below in the pic, and feel free to drop me (Kasi Bouvier) an IM in world if you have a kid who wants to attend our new school! We specialize n media and arts, specifically dance!

Back To School

Hair: D!va— Ange (OnyxΒ , @Collabor88)
Skin: Al Vulo– Eleonor (Red Sunkissed)
Shape: Anna Shapes -Bella Small
Eyes: Poetic Colors-Pearl (Vinyard, Medium)
Clothes: ISON-Ruffle Dress (Pink, @Collabor88)
Accessories: Glam Affair -Flower earrings (black/blue @Collabor88); yummy-Midsummer Blossom Necklace (Egg Shelle,@Collabor88)
Avatar Enhancements: Slink Medium Bare feet
Shoes: Boom-Locale Heels (Teal, @Collabor88)
Pose: Artilleri– Playground; Kirin Poses-Nuria Pose Pack (@Collabor88)
Location: Star Phoenix Academy Of Media And Arts

**Our garage sale will still be going on until the 14th, we have designers like anna shapes, dulce secrets, oddity, Latreia, Delirium style, Patchwork, Enchanted Bowtique (For the TD avis) and more! Come by and check us out! We also have a few things from Past arcade events, so if you are missing something Come look! A portion of all proceeds go directly to the school and/or the teams! Garage sale For SPA


Play with Me

Hey everyone. Here is another Newness!

This one is play with me by Pretty Liar available for only a few more days at Kawaii fair. I thought It paired Perfectly with this hair by Wasabi Pills and Boots by Latreia. Of course Al Vulo recently released a new free group gift and I HAD to feature it. Some AMAZING makeup from cosmetic fair which is also ending soon is here in the pics. I just love this so much, so fun n flirty…I swear I feel more like my teenage daughters sister than her mom in this!! HEHE. I don’t have much to say but praise for this. I just love it. I didn’t take it off until I had to become a little more School Appropriate to teach this afternoon at Willowdale High school. I am their new blogging teacher πŸ˜€
Play With Me

Now Modeling:

Hair: Wasabi Pills-Ameile Mesh Hair -Blonds pack
Shape: Anna Shapes-Noelle Small @flawless
Skin: Al Vulo-Aisha (Barbie) -Group Gift
Makeup: Boom -Lip Glow Eye Enhancers (@Cosmetic Fair); Boom-Liquid Glaze Liner (Lashed Lime from the Gluttony pack)(@Cosmetic Fair); Mons-Eyeshadow Sunny2 (Oil) (@Cosmetic Fair); Shakeup!-Sessie Lip Gloss (Pouty Lips Add On) (@Cosmetic Fair)
Outfit: Pretty Liar-Play With Me Dress (@Kawaii fair)
Shoes: Latreia-Vendetta (Green)
Pose: !bang-Susceptible Pack
Location: Small Town Of Green

**Almost no photo editing if any used on these pictures (I prefer to show the clothes raw as you actually see them in secondlife)

Sale Addict

Oh meh garrssshhh I am a shopping WHORE and a sale addict…Yes I admit it. I think ALMOST everything in this post is from a sale or event TEHEE. There isn’t a whole lot I want to say about it except YUMMMYYY SALLLEESSSSS. I really liked this look and I was sad to have to change. But alas I am a blogger and changing is my job πŸ˜€ Good thing I Have the stylecard of everything I was wearing πŸ˜€ I fell so in love It’s insane. I actually Have My alt for my Store Episimo Rocking pretty much the same look I loved it so much SQUEEEE.
Right, Enough of me drooling….Lets get to the clothes!

Sale Addict

Sale Addict2
Now Modeling:

Hair: LoQ Hair-BerryJuice (Jet Black, Comes in a fatpack including left and right side @TDR Fusion)
Shape: Anna Shapes– Brianna ($50L Exclusive @Flawless staring 4/14)
Skin: Essences-Opera Gentle 1 Light Rose (Available @TDR Fusion)
Makeup: Essences-Blush Contour Light Pink (Comes with the skin @TDR Fusion)
Eyes: YS & YS – Iponic Eyes Fresh In Nut (available @TDR Fusion)
Outfit: D-style-Vendetta F Jacket(Comes in a full outfit); DRIFT-Morning Tank Plaids (Comes with 3 textures in a changer hud @TDR Fusion) ; D-style-Cat Mini Black
Accessories: Glow Studio– Your Tablet Bag (Keep calm available @TDR Fusion)
Shoes: D-style– Vendetta F (Comes in a full outfit)
Pose: Everglow -Girls Pose pack #63 @Pose Fair<

Pictures taken @ Club Nightscape

**Almost no photo editing if any used on these pictures (I prefer to show the clothes raw as you actually see them in secondlife)

Vanity With A Meme

Vanity Meme

Few days ago Strawberry Singh Posted A Meme on her blog called My 10 SL Firsts Meme So I decided to Follow Suit! Right, here we go!

Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following 10 questions and answers into your post. Delete my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to link your post in this meme’s comments so everyone can read yours!

  1. First SL Friend: Victoriia, We still talk and yap away all the time. We talk in Real life and share everything pretty much with each other. This is an amazing chick and I wouldn’t have made it this far without her Support and Guidance!
  2. First SL Kiss: Erm Probably Andre…..A story for another time!
  3. First SLex time/place/partner: TBH I don’t even remember (that must mean I am an sl virgin *cough* maybe πŸ˜‰
  4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: My First Boyfriend In SL was Andre, I met him in a Club that was doing an event for Victoriia’s Store. My first Husband (the thing only lasted a week cause he freaked out) Was steve and I still have our two amazing twins. My First Wife Was Jordy, I still Love her to death ❀ But sadly she quit Logging on :\
  5. First SL Job: Host at Passionate Sins, My sister Anisa used to own the club…Sadly she is no longer my sister….
  6. First SL Creation: HAHA To be COMPLETELY Honest. I do not know. It might have been a skirt or a Tattoo, I think it Might have been a Tshirt, I would have to ask Victoriia
  7. First Encounter with a Linden: I don’t remember which Linden it was but She I’med me wanting to feature my hunt I organized a few years ago πŸ˜€
  8. First Encounter with a SLebrity: Hmmm There was one, she makes couture clothing, Not really my style but I can’t remember her name. I would have to look it up.
  9. First SL Sim you fell in love with: The First sim I fell In love with is long gone…Again I can’t remember the name (sad I know) I remember it had a castle and a rainbow you could walk on…It was set up to be rented for weddings.
  10. First SL Blog Post: HEHE Ouch This is Embarrassing… was Well I was going to link it, But It appears that WordPress has deleted it! :O Darn you! Oh well I will show you this one, It is one of my earlier one’s and just as embarrassing…..

Before I go, I wanna say a Few words on the picture Above. The Skin is from 7 deadly Skins and will be released TOMORROW for A discounted PRESALE between 6 and 7 AM SLT and Noon-1 Pm SLT. So make sure you get over there and grab it! Also, The shape is Heloisa By Anna Shapes Available at Designer Circle for a discount but it won’t be there forever! the Corset is part of a Cottontail Lingerie Outfit By EBA. I love this girl’s Lingerie It is amazing πŸ˜€ OH and the mask…It comes with the hair πŸ˜‰ Have fun shopping and Don’t forget to grab some eyes from mayfly while you are out!

Now Modeling:

Hair:Ploom-Sha (Indecisive pack)
Shape: Anna Shapes-Heloisa @Designer Circle
Skin: 7 Deadly S[k]ins– Vanity (PRE RELEASE SALE TOMORROW!)
Eyes: Mayfly-Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Forest Green Shadow, W4)
Outfit: Lingerie Lime
Accessories: Loordes Of London-Heartache Earrings (Aubergine-Available (Gacha Fesitval@ The Collosseum)
Pose: Glitterati-Pinup Pack
Lighting: Fiat Lux-Blue Double Projector Found here


Blondes Have More Fun

This post took me a while and has a backstory…A big one. Oh so I stress shopped like 2 weeks ago as you all know; The problem is my stress shopping rarely includes shoe shopping. I buy clothes, skin, hair, eyes…but rarely shoes. So I looked in my inventory yesterday knowing full well I had a TON I needed to blog about and was EXCITED I put the look together and fell in LOVE Problem….No shoes…I looked all over the Marketplace and at the shoe stores I usually go to, even asked in a few groups and had ZERO luck. I THEN decided it was time to get the slink Feet. I know Siddean makes amazing feet and some skin makers are even making skin huds for them so they match PERFECTLY. Sadly al vulo does not do that YET (I’ve heard from a birdie that they MIGHT be coming out soon….no guarantees though..But I am crossing my fingers). I bought the feet (heels and flats) and 2 pairs of shoes, one for each that I thought might work with my outfit and then spent TWO HOURS trying to match my feet >.< Yea….I suck at feet matching…I know. I never can match rgb very well. Finally at like I think 9 or 9:30 SLT I IM’d siddean in a plea for help and guess what..SHE HELPED ME! sHE CAME AND MATCHED MY FEET FOR ME FOR FREE! I got the most amazing customer service from her she is such a sweetheart, I can’t say enough about her or her slink system. Then if that wasnt enough, Once she matched my feet she saw the outfit I was wearing and gave me the PERFECT red heels for this post(Which I BELIEVE were released today BTW go look!). Amazing. Sadly when I went to take the pictures, My windlight and my acting up desktop decided to develop lines at the ankles which I wasn’t fully able to blend in, in SL though, the feet look PERFECT! πŸ˜€ Right..I should talk about other things before the pictures HAHA. This look for me was SUPER elegant and amazing..I still haven’t taken it off HAH. Personally I had only had one pair of pants from the sea hole and NOTHING from Tee*fy before now and these were both at the last round of Collabor88 So they SHOULD be in the mainstores now and are amazing Le sigh. Right Piccies!!
blondes have more fun final 2

blondes have more fun final 1

Now Modeling:

Hair: Ploom-Shira (Blondes)
Shape: Anna Shapes-Johanna Small
Skin: Al Vulo!-Eleanor (Red Sunkissed)
Eyes:Mayfly-Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Summer Shore, W4)
Accessories: CCD Mesh nails-French Pastels
Outfit: The Sea Hole-New Romance Wrap Blouse ; Tee*fy-Fluffy Skirt Floral
Shoes: Slink>/a>-Womens Medium Barefeet Rigged ; Slink– Classic Pointed Pumps (Red)
Pose: Katink– Demi ; Katink-Lana Pose Packs

**Almost no photo editing if any used on these pictures (I prefer to show the clothes raw as you actually see them in secondlife)

Grunge Night

As of when I took these pictures these were the 2 newest releases at Delirium style…But the magnificent Chrissy has given us another release! :O oh well more on that one later ,For now let’s look at these sexy women! The hair we have on is from ploom, Now I have heard of ploom a million times but for the life of me could never remember the name of it when I wanted it so I have been wanting to blog about it for eons and wasnt able to :(. Today that is all changed! She had the perfect hair do’s for this punk/grunge look my sissy Meli (Gues model YAY!) were looking for. Also we Decided to sport the lovely 7 deadly skins and Mayfly to complete our Down in the hood Haters Look. It was PERFECTO. IDK what else to say, I am REALLY happy with how these looks came out is all I can say. Check it!

Grung Night1 Grung Night2 Grung Night3

Now Modeling:

Meli (Right):

Hair: Ploom-Twilla
Shape: Personal Shape
Skin: 7 Deadly S[k]ins-April Hot Deal
Eyes: Mayfly-Majorelle Blue Liquid Light Mesh
Outfit: Delirium style– Cryssie Carver (includes boots, belt, bracelet & bow)


Hair: Ploom-Valyra-Monotone (Steaked, Blacks pack)
Shape: Anna Shapes-Johanna Small
Skin: 7 Deadly S[k]ins-March Moolto sisters hunt gift (you can get it from the lucky apples in the store now like I did)
Eyes:Mayfly-Liquid Light Eyes (Passion)
Outfit: Delirium style-Mortale (Includes black eyeliner, boots, shirt, pants and jewelry)
Pose: Katink-3 Times a Lady

**Almost no photo editing if any used on these pictures (I prefer to show the clothes raw as you actually see them in secondlife)

Minty Fresh

I’ve been working on this post for a while. I have to say, I find blogging relaxing and stressful, fun and EXCITING all at once and I LOVE bringing you new fashions. Over the last week or two I have discovered a few new stores and am HAPPY to bring them to you! First let’s start with some oldies but Goodies. Red mint has released a new mesh hair and Let me say..Sometimes I am a little iffy bout her hairs…Great designs just not always my style. This was one a major HIT though. Dolce Secrets also released a skin that I fell in love with so you will Definitely get a sneak peak here. Love How Dolce’s Malibu is slightly tanned, but not orange and dark like some skins tend to be. and Of course Mayfly gave us amazing eyes to math latreia’s Innovative and creative shoes! Now.. The NEWNESS I bring you is from Anymore Grace….this mesh dress is soo cute! Also new is Celtic Myst, I found a necklace in my inventory I forgot I had and went OMG! Before I show you the pics that I do want to note that once again My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE shape store gave us an amazing release in johanna and of course CCD has amazing nails (See below)

Right Pictures….I talk to much HEHEMint Secrets final 3 Mint Secrets Final 2 Mint Secrets final 1

Now Modeling:

Hair: Red Mint<(Mesh)-No. 12( Neutrals, off black)
Anna Shapes-Johanna Small
Skin: Dolce Secrets– Bryn (Malibu in peacock)
Makeup: Al Vulo! Mesh Lashes (from the Livia Pack)
Eyes: Mayfly-Deep Sky Eyes(Persian Blue, W4)
Outfit: Anymore Grace-Bow dress (Turquoise)
Accessories: Celtic Myst-Pentagram Jewelry set(Antique Blue Group gift); CCD Nails-Diva (Black)
Shoes: Latreia-Caliope (Teal Spike)
Pose: Exposeur-Sex Kitten (Exclusive)

**Almost no photo editing if any used on these pictures (I prefer to show the clothes raw as you actually see them in secondlife)

P.S I wanted to show this picture because I LOVE it, but I didn’t want it to be part of the blog post because it is HIGHLY edited and I prefer to show things mainly in the raw But…I don’t remember how I did it D: Oh well, Take a look!

Kasi Blue

D-style and Latreia Whore Couture

This post has taken me SOOOOOO long to complete. Seriously. I had taken these photos last friday and have spent all weekend trying to get them just right! Finally done. YAY!!! (My computer issues didn’t help get them that way though).

Today’s post is special in the fact that it is almost completely about Latreia and D-style’s (Delirium Style) Whore Couture exclusives. First we have Monja with the Kama heels. Monja comes in 4 different colors and included the ball gag:D This ridiculously sexy mini dress let’s the mind wander and tantalizingly teases anyone who see’s you in it from it’s plunging neckline to it’s barely there back. Must have for your club hopping wardrobe! Roxy Kama from latreia, these shoes are SMOKIN! with kama sutra poses right on your feet, you’ll never wonder which position is next!

2nd D-styles released to us a sporty little number in heartbreaker, cute crop jacket and sexy lil skirt are the best used to break his heart..of course the Janie Shoes from Latreia complete with gun heel and Bullet strap are sure to send him mixed messages;).

Finally we go back to our yesteryear with slim shady. This number is comfy and sexy in one. Sweatpants that every girls loves with the tiny crop top that every man loves to see, this just might be the best of both worlds!

Check em out with their styling complements below!

Whore Couture Final Whore Corture colors heartbreaker final Slim Shady

Outfit 1
Hair: Red mint-Hair no 10 (Cool white cold & black pearls)
Skin: Belleza Amy Pale BBB1
Shape: Anna Shapes: Ayla
Dress: D-Style Monja in pink, yellow, teal and Purple (Includes Ball gag and hair bow) (WCF)
Shoes: Latreia-Roxy Kama (WCF)
Poses: Glitterati -Bitch Static poses

Outfit 2
Hair: Red mint-Hair no 10 ( Brocade Red& black pearls)
Skin: Belleza Amy Pale BBB 2
Outfit: D-Style- Heartbreaker (WCF)
Shoes: Latreia-Janie Black (WCF)
Poses: Glitterati – Model Pack 14

Outfit 3
Hair: Red mint-Hair no 10 ( Light Ash Brown& White pearls)
Outfit: D-Style- Slim Shady (WCF)
Poses: Glitterati – Model Pack 27

Sweet Dots

We all know and love Delirium Style for the kickass Punk/Grunge clothing chrissy is known for making, but every once in a while she shows us her softer side, That is exactly what she did with this dress. Sweet and Sophisticated this dress Will definitely leave you with pleasant thoughts. The newest release from Latreia is Dottie and boy does she have these heels down pat. I think we have seen over 130 new releases from her that show exactly how much this woman knows about stilletos. Dottie brings just that touch of bad girl sexiness to this outfit and makes it complete. Of course no styling is complete without hair and a pose to show it all off. This is our last Adieu to Elikitara until it is reopened later this year (hopefully) with a whole new direction, look and feel. Lat but not least you all know how I feel about bringing old favorites back or my “oldies but goodies” as I call them, Glitterati’s ember satisfied that urge for me, originally a pose for 3 people, the angles and statures show off this styling just right!

Check it out!

sweet dots

Now Modeling:

Hair: Elikitara-Studio-Black 4
Dress: D-Style-Sonia Grey
Shoes: Latreia-Dottie Black
Pose: Glitterati-Embers


Corset Curves

Haii all. RL has been busy, we are buying a house YAY! so I haven’t been around. There are LOOOTTSSSS of new releases and some oldies I LOVE from our favorite stores that I will be talking about in the coming weeks. Tonight I wanted to visit some old favorites and some new loves. We traveled back in time a bit with sassy For her AMAZING corset and dress which we paired with a simple chic pair of leggings. To top it off I paired it with Latreia shoes. The corset is the Gramercy Corset from Sassy and shows of my curves in all the right ways, the straps of the flaunt dress peek out of the corset PERFECTLY. I just fell in love with the look. The leggings show off the shape of my legs but don’t CLING like pleather…the perfect silhouette. I couldn’t resist adding the roxy shoes by latreia. I LOVE these things, they come in 66 colors and there are other versions with patterns. I have the fat pack of all 66 colors just because I will NEVER need another pair of stilettos again (but you know me, I will always go for more!). Check out the pic below to see all the sexiness!!

Sassy Koeln

Now Modeling:

Hair: Elikitara-Sparrow (Black 04)
Skin: Belleza-Melissa (Fair 06)
Eyes: Mayfly-Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Deep Ice)
Shape: Anna Shapes -Snow
Top: Sassy-Flaunt Dress (pink) & Sassy-Gramercy Leather Corset (Pink)
Pants: Quirks-Mesh Leggings (Black)
Shoes: Latreia-Roxy
Poses: Glitterati -Hands (FOR FLF)
Location: Koeln (Cologne, SL’s replica of germany’s city Koeln)