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Mesmerizing Mistress

Last night while feeling in the mood to blog..but not knowing what to blog about..I decided to pull out my inner Mistress or Domme. This is the Sexyass look at what I came up with 😉

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Hair: Magika Hair – Delora (Freebie)

Skin: Pulse Skin Isabella 2/M19 enhanced

Eyes : Sil`ly Fantasy Skin Shay Eyes (comes as an avatar)

Makeup: Glam! Skin Makeup Tattos Winter Look 8

Dress: Oddity – Mistress

Bangles, stockings, Gloves and Necklace: Delirium Style – The Obsession outfit


Delirium Style Greatness

Wow, what can I say about Delirium? Well, the store is awesome no doubt about that the designer Christel is a GENIUS. Delirium is a Urban,Punk,Grunge,sexy,Casual,Baggie, Hoody,Ripped,Jeans,Sneakers,Tank,Skirt, Minis,Tees,Male,Female,Mall,Jewels,Tattoo,
Piercing,NekoBoots,Belts,Cargos,Cute,Emo,Fantasy,Goth,Rave,Rocker,Hotpants store. Or at least thats what the description is. To me Delirium is so much more. The clothes are awesome, the people are great and Chrissy always has something new and different for us. I model at Delirium, I love to model there ,the clothes are worth it. My favorite outfit at the moment (dont get me wrong I love them all) is Kick it! (Pictured Below) This is not the actual vendor picture, this is me, myself and I in the outfit after working a shift at Delirium. If you have not been to this store you HAVE to check it out. The outfit includes, pants and hoodie as well as the shoes and and belt.