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One Voice Part 1

And here is part one of One voice. A Quick Note before I get started…one voice has been extended…yep extended for another week. The event will now g until the 22nd! Now let’s talk fashion! Lots here to talk about I am going to TRY to get to everything , we will see how this goes. First we have this hair which is a totally new style to me it’s from wasabi pill and makes me hungry. But with a name like Teeloh- chocolate mint, who wouldn’t get hungry? Totally new style for me..but I totally love it. Next is essences skin (an old favorite store) and like I said before shapes I actually LIKE This one is anna shapes – sophia..I am currently wearing the small option. She is curvey and cute and her legs go to heaven every time hehehe. of course….I couldn’t go out of the house (which is behind me…cute thing called emery by kukuyaya, the textures are AMAZING in it) without makeup. Mock was there to help. I live this soft sultry look which still has glam written all over it! The jewelry is provided by both indy & co (the bangles) and SSD( the earrings and necklaces)  At first I didn’t realize I was wearing the bangles but it worked wonders..add that punch of WOW to the outfit. The necklace I loved because it added color to the outfit without being overbearing! The  top is by BOOM and is special for one voice It does come in a few other designs/ colors but I wanted to show my one voice support!  Shorts courtesy of Essences…yes Inka makes more than just skins 😀 I thought these were cute and fun…The color is sepia and I think it is AMAZING….this needs to be a standard neutral in rl and sl! The shoes by Ju are a little funky with a split in the middle. They kind f reminded me of hooves when I saw the picture, but I put them on and fell IN LOVE! they come in three colors at once voice and well…you just gotta have them all! Before we get to the pictures I want to mention the new line of poses by purple poses (you might remember I used to blog for her) i loved this set, I haven’t seen anything like it before; its called khloe and I can DEF see myself sing it in the future. Last but not least…check out this SWEET dining set by adoration homes! this is made by the same person who made the grass I featured in the one voice intro post. Check it out! Everything mentioned here is available at One Voice. Please stop by and support gala phoenix and curipo skins. 50% or 100% of all sales from the items go to gala, there are also donation boxes set up around the grid. I myself set one up at Rosa Gothica Photography (be sure to get a new profile pic taken by one f their awesome photographers while you are there) and at Oddity Tattoos And More.

Right..Time for the pics!

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Now Modeling

On Me:
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Teeloh Mesh Hair ( Chocolate Mint)
Skin: Essences Moana Pale
Shape: Anna Shapes – Sophie (Small)
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Paris Green , W1)
Eyelashes: Al Vulo -Georgie
Makeup: Mock – Bronze Gold Def Dusty Copper Rose
Necklaces: SSD- Frits- Bijou Mancala (both Matinee and Princess necklaces)
Earrings: SSD- Frits- Bijou Mancala (Earring set A)
Bracelets: Indy &Co -Sylph Bangles Gold (Bright)
Shirt: Boom- Twenty Three Tee – One Voice
Shorts: Essences- PST shorts – Sepia
Shoes: Ju- Milady Pumps Ins Light Beige
Poses: Purple Poses – Khloe Set

House: Kukuvaya-Emerson Home
Table: Adoration Home – Brown Suede Dinner Set

Don’t forget to stop by Oddity or Rosa Gothica Photography to Donate to Gala Phoenix and Curio



One Voice Intro

Many of you know that Curio the skin store has been taken down, but you don’t know why. I won’t explain  the whole story to you here but basically someone falsely accused her of stealing their creations. which we all know her creations are one of a kind. To read her full story go here Curio News Release. In response to the claims and the issues Gala has been having sl’s TOP creators have come together to fundaise the 20,000 usd that gala needs to fight this. It will also help her live since her earnings off of curios was her livelyhood. The event is called one voice creators are donating either 50 or 100 % of the profits from sales of the items to gala. There are AMAZING creations there. I will post the press release on a special One voice page which I will be updating with looks and pictures as the event goes on. For the duration of the event I will be posting and naming ONLY things available at One voice. One voice opens to shoppers tonight at midnight. Please come out, do a little shopping and support a wonderful designer and creator! F or now, here is a sneak peek at the kinds of things you can find at one voice!

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Now Modeling

Hair: Wasabi pills – teeloh Mesh Hair – Vanilla Pudding
Shape: Anna Shapes -Veronica
Skin: Al Vulo – Georgie -Black Brows custard
Dress: S- floral dress (pink)
Shoes: N-Core – Shark II
Grass: Adoration Home -Dark Grass
Outdoor Set : RnB Beach Deck Set

For these creations and more please visit One Voice Fundraiser